Bring Me Sunshine

Yellow my blogging friends, how wonderful to speak to you again! Well today was a beaut of a day, both the weather and the actually day. We had a joint birthday party today for my mother and sister and cousin. We decided to have it in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and have a BBQ! The weather was beautiful, in fact it was a little too hot for me…. I’m never happy…



I love having such a big family, because after the food, we all decided to play some volleyball! Flipping love it!

Soooo, after the delightful party, we headed home and the post had arrived.
And in it was a purchase I had been patiently (yea right!) waiting for about a week….
I finally bought me some Bioderma! Which is essentially, a makeup remover and cleanser all in one.

I thought you could only get it from France but I then found a website that sold it for a really decent price! I got it from… So good! I have only used it once but it is incredible. Before, in my wet wipe phase, I had to scrub to get any eyeliner off. But if you put a few drops on a cotton wool pad and rest it on your eye for 20 seconds it gets rid of it all! I love love love this…

As you already know, the weather was great, so I decided to be brave and put on some summery shoes, I even flaunted my toes…. Wow look at me!

I got these last year from Asda, I’m a bit sad as they are a bit worn, so I hope they bring out some similar news this year!

We also found a beautiful walk today so I thought I would show some pictures I took! I found a rather handsome looking tree, which I thought you would all appreciate!



And finally it’s the Shuffle Song of the Day!
‘The Devil’s Beat’ by Sandi Thom on her album The Pink and the Lilly!
An underrated artist and album… Enjoy! TUNE!

Well that’s all from me folks… Speak soon.
Em x


A Bit of Everything…

Aloha, my blogging friends, it’s lovely to see you again! So today the sun actually came out, I kid you not. As it was my sisters birthday, (Happy Birthday Allie!) we decided to go out for an all you can eat breakfast. And my oh my it was delicious and I was well and truly stuffed! We came back and I decided to try my new models own nail varnish.

I adore this colour, as I normally stick to dark and more grey tones its lovely to have a change! I only needed to put on one coat as the consistency is thick. The brush is quite long and thin, so be careful about the amount of varnish you put on each time as it tends to drip… Trust me it drips…
But apart from that its a wonderful varnish, in a lush colour and I’m very happy with it!
Here are the finished nails! You’ll have to excuse my short nails, they just don’t seem to grow!

Ooh, while I’m talking about nails, I wanted to show you a present I got from my parents yesterday!

It’s from the ‘Scarlet and Crimson’ collection and the packaging is soo pretty, I just love it! It comes in a little compact and inside is a bronzer, blusher, 2 lip glosses, some blotting paper, and a teeny little mirror! I haven’t had a chance to use it properly yet but I’m already loving it! Thank you ma and pa, mucho appreciation! Oh, I forgot, here is what it looks like from the inside!

So, onto the shoe of the day! Today I sported a polka dot pair of vans, which are loved very much.

I apologise as I cannot link these as I bought them in the sale years ago for £10!! Love me a good bargain. So, back to my day, I bet your all dying to know what I did next!!
We, as we do everyday, took Tonka for a walk. We found a cool place with lots of sand dunes, the dog loved it! I have to confess that I’m not a lover of sand, I’m not sure why? Love me some sea though, I’m a total water baby at heart!


20130530-214212.jpg. For those wanting to know, I got my sunglasses from Primark, fairly recently for £2!
Now I know that two rounds don’t make a right (my face and sunglasses) but I adore them, I feel so vintage in them, and I can’t bare to be apart from them!
And finally, the time you’ve all been waiting for… it feels like I’ve run a blogging marathon here…. The shuffle song of the day!!
‘Me and my shadow’ by Robbie Williams on his epic album ‘Swing when your winning’. Flipping love this album, it’s an oldie but a goodie!
And I think that’s all from me! It’s been delightful. Speak soon.
Em x

Hallelujah for Hauls!

Hello bloggers! Funny seeing you here again? Well it is ANOTHER rainy day here in the kingdom of the united! So I thought what a good excuse to go shopping! Ha, like I need an excuse!
So here’s the damage!

Personally, I think I restrained myself quite a lot! So all in all I bought:
New Look Shaper Jeans
Mac make up brush cleanser
Models Own nail varnish in ‘feeling blue’
Urbanister tweezers
Boots cotton wool pads
Soap and Glory hand food
Soap and Glory ‘flake away’ body polish

I think my favourite of them all is the Mac cleanser! It is truly wonderful! I was a little sceptical as its rather expensive, I think it was £9.50. But don’t hesitate to buy this, it’s awesome! I put a few drops onto tissue and wiped 6 of my brushes clean, and it took less than two minutes! I haven’t had a chance to try anything else but I’m excited to try the soap and glory goods, ooh and my new nail varnish! Such Fun!

And the photo you’ve all been waiting for! The shoe of the day!! I know, you’ve been waiting all day…

These are my most favouritest (nice use of words em) pair of converse. They are so comfy, and seem to go with my entire wardrobe. I normally wear quite dark clothes, so these little lovelies add some much needed colour to any outfit. Would highly recommend! My friend brought these back from America, so I can’t tell you the price but you can get the same pair here!

And finally, the shuffle song of the day! (I know I’m getting obsessed with ‘of the days’ but it makes me happy!) I’ve been loving ‘Girls and Boys’ by Blur! Such a good song! Listen to it here…

Well, that’s a goodnight from me! It’s been a wicked day! (I’m such a 90s kid). I shall blog and see you again tomorrow!
Em x

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Why hello there! Look who it is! Well, not much has occurred since yesterday’s post… But I’m still here writing. Lucky you! The weather today is pretty rubbish, so there’s not so much to do in the rain. To brighten up a gloomy day I decided put on some eyeliner. As you may have previously read, I adore all things vintage, so I love me some cat eyes. The one I used today is from elf, and its the cream liner in the colour black. This is a great eyeliner for beginners, as its not as tricky as a liquid, that goes everywhere, and if you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world, you just get a wet cloth and dap it off. The pictures below are me wearing it after 10hrs. I also wore it out on a walk, in the pouring rain, and WITHOUT a rain mac! This liner is truly excellent.

Now, to put on the stuff I use a Real Techniques ‘fine liner brush’… This was the first RT brush I bought, and sweet dog, it’s good, real good. The bristles are small and fine and the synthetic bristles pick up the perfect amount of product. And best of all they look so pwitty!
Here is the finished look!


You can get the eyeliner here
And I got my RT brush from here


I didn’t wear any shoes today, I think I wore my wellies for the walk so instead I decided to take a photo of the warmest and softest socks in the world!

I’m pretty sure they were only a few pound… I bought them a while ago so I can’t link them… Sorry for being such a tease! Ha ha

Well that’s it from me, I thought I would leave you a rather fetching picture of the beautiful British weather. Also I wanted to do a “Shuffle Song Of The Day”. So today’s is ‘Honey Pie’ by the Beatles! What a beaut of a song! Watch it here

Thanks for reading, till the morrow!
Em x

Bank Holiday Bonanza

Well hello there! It’s nice to see you again. This is officially my second proper blog post… How exciting! So, for those of you that are not living in the wet UK, today was a bank holiday! So after a lovely cooked breakfast, made by yours truly we headed out to walk the dog! I briefly mentioned the dog on fact 15 on yesterday’s post, and his name is Tonka!


Surprisingly we had no major incidents involving Tonka and an innocent member of the public, seriously he could kill you with kisses. But the poor person with a ginger beagle jumping on their face tend not to believe us when we say that. He was actually good, enjoyed swimming in the water and generally sniffing other dogs…. Butts…. Lush.

Near the end of the walk it looked so beautiful! So I thought I would take some pictures to show you!




I’m not sure why but I thought I would do a “shoe of the day” picture….

These are my Vans beauties! I think that there are little dogs all over…. From this post it looks as though I am a crazy dog lady… Don’t judge…. I’m really not. Ha ha

Before I end this rather large post I wanted to show you a recent purchase if mine. I got it in Asda (Walmart in USA) and it was only £1.99. It’s a lip balm by Nivea its called:
Lip Butter in Rasberry Rosé. My lips are dry normally but particularly dry at the moment so I bought this to try it out. And to be honest I have been presently surprised. Firstly, it’s so moisturising, and really does make my lips feel soft. It also smells delightful, and it leaves my lips looking soft and lovely! You can get it from here Nivea Lip Butter


Oh I almost forgot. I am ashamed today that I helped capitalism…. I was fooled my friends, please don’t hate me. I walked into the local shop just to keep my sister company, I had no plans to buy anything. But then, I saw this!


I could not resist, I will admit that if it has my name on I will buy almost anything. Coke, i’m sad to say that you won this time!

Well, I think that it is it…. Till the morrow!!
Em x

50 Facts About Me!


Well hello fellow bloggers I’m new to all this jazz so you”ll have to bear with my many mistakes!
So instead of a huge wordy introduction I thought it would be more ‘current’
(I have never been current in my life) to do a
“50 facts about Me!” So here it goes!

1.) My name is Emily Jane Jones

2.) I am 18

3.) I’m from Wales, in the southern direction

4.) I’m a girl… (Hoping you would guess by the picture)

5.) I was homeschooled from the ages of 10-16

6.) I am a Mormon

7.) I have 4 siblings (2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters)

8.) I have 20 plus cousins

9.) I have a phobia of thinly sliced ham (don’t ask why?)

10.) I long for winter the entire summer

11.) I adore history… There is so much to learn.

12.) I don’t know what I would do without Music!

13.) I was bitten by a dog when I was 3, he took me right cheek off (face cheek Ha)

14.) I was terrified of dogs… So naturally my parents bought one.

15.) We now have a 8 month old beagle named Tonka!

16.) I have a favourite spoon,

17.) and knife,

18.) and fork…. Strange…

19.) We have 5 chickens, and my little sister has named them all

20.) I don’t believe in coincidence… Everything happens for a reason

21.) I am a natural brunette but now I have ombré hair

22.) My favourite savoury food is mashed potato

23.) My favourite sweet food is apple pie

24.) I live in a bungalow

25.) I love to bake

26.) I have a collection of sunglasses, ironically, as I hate the sun…

27.) I have never been to America… But I can’t wait to go one day

28.) I like writing poems… Not particularly good but I still enjoy it

29.) I love me some make up… Will be doing many posts on the stuff!

30.) Nail varnish is also another must

31.) I love tradition

32.) Christmas is my favourite time of year

33.) In nursery, I once broke a boys arm using a plastic knife… I am skilled…

34.) I am addicted to all things floral and Cath Kidston

35.) I have a quest in life to own either a Marc Jacobs or Mulberry handbag

36.) I am studying for my A Levels at the moment

37.) I am studying English Lit/Lang, Sociology and History

38.) I enjoy reading

39.) I think I was born in the wrong year so Vintage is a must!

40.) I am yet to find the perfect red lipstick but will always look for it

41.) I always kick my blankets off at night

42.) I love to knit, crochet and cross stitch

43.) I am learning to water colour

44.) my favourite band at the moment is The Beatles

45.) My heroes are: My parents/ family
Winston Churchill
Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise

46.) In primary school I was in the Tug-of-war team… No lie…

47.) I play the piano

48.) I also play the recorder, and use to play the trumpet

49.) I love sport and volleyball is my favourite at the moment.

50.) I love my family and would be lost without them…

So there we are, you all know 50 things about me! I hope you will learn to know more as I write more posts! If your still reading, Thank You!

Em x