50 Facts About Me!


Well hello fellow bloggers I’m new to all this jazz so you”ll have to bear with my many mistakes!
So instead of a huge wordy introduction I thought it would be more ‘current’
(I have never been current in my life) to do a
“50 facts about Me!” So here it goes!

1.) My name is Emily Jane Jones

2.) I am 18

3.) I’m from Wales, in the southern direction

4.) I’m a girl… (Hoping you would guess by the picture)

5.) I was homeschooled from the ages of 10-16

6.) I am a Mormon

7.) I have 4 siblings (2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters)

8.) I have 20 plus cousins

9.) I have a phobia of thinly sliced ham (don’t ask why?)

10.) I long for winter the entire summer

11.) I adore history… There is so much to learn.

12.) I don’t know what I would do without Music!

13.) I was bitten by a dog when I was 3, he took me right cheek off (face cheek Ha)

14.) I was terrified of dogs… So naturally my parents bought one.

15.) We now have a 8 month old beagle named Tonka!

16.) I have a favourite spoon,

17.) and knife,

18.) and fork…. Strange…

19.) We have 5 chickens, and my little sister has named them all

20.) I don’t believe in coincidence… Everything happens for a reason

21.) I am a natural brunette but now I have ombré hair

22.) My favourite savoury food is mashed potato

23.) My favourite sweet food is apple pie

24.) I live in a bungalow

25.) I love to bake

26.) I have a collection of sunglasses, ironically, as I hate the sun…

27.) I have never been to America… But I can’t wait to go one day

28.) I like writing poems… Not particularly good but I still enjoy it

29.) I love me some make up… Will be doing many posts on the stuff!

30.) Nail varnish is also another must

31.) I love tradition

32.) Christmas is my favourite time of year

33.) In nursery, I once broke a boys arm using a plastic knife… I am skilled…

34.) I am addicted to all things floral and Cath Kidston

35.) I have a quest in life to own either a Marc Jacobs or Mulberry handbag

36.) I am studying for my A Levels at the moment

37.) I am studying English Lit/Lang, Sociology and History

38.) I enjoy reading

39.) I think I was born in the wrong year so Vintage is a must!

40.) I am yet to find the perfect red lipstick but will always look for it

41.) I always kick my blankets off at night

42.) I love to knit, crochet and cross stitch

43.) I am learning to water colour

44.) my favourite band at the moment is The Beatles

45.) My heroes are: My parents/ family
Winston Churchill
Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise

46.) In primary school I was in the Tug-of-war team… No lie…

47.) I play the piano

48.) I also play the recorder, and use to play the trumpet

49.) I love sport and volleyball is my favourite at the moment.

50.) I love my family and would be lost without them…

So there we are, you all know 50 things about me! I hope you will learn to know more as I write more posts! If your still reading, Thank You!

Em x


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