Bank Holiday Bonanza

Well hello there! It’s nice to see you again. This is officially my second proper blog post… How exciting! So, for those of you that are not living in the wet UK, today was a bank holiday! So after a lovely cooked breakfast, made by yours truly we headed out to walk the dog! I briefly mentioned the dog on fact 15 on yesterday’s post, and his name is Tonka!


Surprisingly we had no major incidents involving Tonka and an innocent member of the public, seriously he could kill you with kisses. But the poor person with a ginger beagle jumping on their face tend not to believe us when we say that. He was actually good, enjoyed swimming in the water and generally sniffing other dogs…. Butts…. Lush.

Near the end of the walk it looked so beautiful! So I thought I would take some pictures to show you!




I’m not sure why but I thought I would do a “shoe of the day” picture….

These are my Vans beauties! I think that there are little dogs all over…. From this post it looks as though I am a crazy dog lady… Don’t judge…. I’m really not. Ha ha

Before I end this rather large post I wanted to show you a recent purchase if mine. I got it in Asda (Walmart in USA) and it was only £1.99. It’s a lip balm by Nivea its called:
Lip Butter in Rasberry Rosé. My lips are dry normally but particularly dry at the moment so I bought this to try it out. And to be honest I have been presently surprised. Firstly, it’s so moisturising, and really does make my lips feel soft. It also smells delightful, and it leaves my lips looking soft and lovely! You can get it from here Nivea Lip Butter


Oh I almost forgot. I am ashamed today that I helped capitalism…. I was fooled my friends, please don’t hate me. I walked into the local shop just to keep my sister company, I had no plans to buy anything. But then, I saw this!


I could not resist, I will admit that if it has my name on I will buy almost anything. Coke, i’m sad to say that you won this time!

Well, I think that it is it…. Till the morrow!!
Em x


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