Fab Fossil!

Yellow, my friends, it’s a pleasure to see you all again. So today, I had yet another day off college, and I’m loving every minute! Instead of being stuck in a stuffy classroom all day, I get to go outside! Woop!

Today’s best bit was getting a new handbag, because I really needed a new one….
This one is from Fossil… And it’s a work of art… to crazy old me!


Isn’t she lovely, as Stevie Wonder once said. The strap is a perfect length, the bag is a lovely size also. I have found that I carry far too much in all of my other handbags, and it’s really not good for my back or shoulders, so I thought it was about time to get a smaller one. Even the lining in the bag is pretty!

My friend bought this back for me from America, as it is so much cheaper over there. But I have found a very similar bag you can buy in the Uk, here!

The shoe of the day, also comes from America. I have always had a love for flip flops, since I was a little girl, my friend in America loved them, and I have adored them ever since! They are from Tommy Hilfiger, and quite stunning!

They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, with all this beautiful sunshine! I shall wear them all the time!

And finally, it’s time for the shuffle song of the day. It’s by KISS and its called Detroit Rock City!
It’s a great song, and I have found it is great for walking or running, as it makes you go faster and feel awesome! Listen to it here!

Well, there’s nothing left to say,
Apart form goodbye…..

Em x


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