The one with the apology.

So…. This is a bit awkward, haven’t done this in a while… Not sure what to say, apart from sorry for being such a rubbish blogger! But, I have accomplished a lot while I have been away, such as passing my driving test, completing all my exams and surviving my accident prone life, which is quite a feat in my opinion. But in all honesty I’ve missed blogging and I will try my upmost to blog a bit more.

Moving on… What about the weather, hey? Flippin crazy hot, I am a winter lover and I am struggling, but I suppose it feels more like the good old days, where the summer days were hot and the winter days were cold. Wow, I sound old, I swear I’m 18.

I don’t have a lot more to say, but while I’ve been away a LOT of shopping has been done, and in the following days I have a lot to show you all! How Exciting!

And finally the ‘Shuffle Song of the Day!’
It’s by Imagine Dragons and its called ‘radioactive’ listen to it…. NOW!

Well, it was lovely to be back, TTFN.
Em x