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Greetings fellow people of the blogging world, how delightful to see you all again, this is becoming quite the event, for me at least! So I had a half day at college today so that was awesome! Which meant that I could do nothing for the rest of the day. But it turns out it can be very tiring as I fell asleep for all of the evening…. And I am WIDE awake now! 😀
Before I fell asleep I painted my nails!


The colour is called ‘Really Rosy’, number 202. I bought it a while ago so I’m not sure if you can get it. I really love this colour, it’s lush for summer, but it’s so versatile it would be a beaut for the winter months. The brush is really wide and the consistency is perfect, so it doesn’t drip everywhere. I hope you can still get it…. Sucks for you…. So it turns out you can get the same type of nail varnish but not in the same colour…. Buy it for yourself here!

So before the rain came, I took some photos while on a walk, and I was really impressed with my iPhone photographer skillz. (Oh yes people, that is a Z on the end, I am too cool)





Pwitty huh? Well it pleased me, anyway…

And now, we have come to the part everyone looks forward to their whole entire day!
It’s….. *drumroll* Shuffle Song of the Day! Woooop. Today it’s by
Stevie Wonder, and it’s called ‘Superstition’. This song had me bopping today!
(Wow, I need to act my age sometimes, I swear I am only 18…)
You can bop along to it right here…

And that is it, I have no words left…. Apart from
Em x


Sunny Saturday.

Hi, I know, I missed a day, it i was stuck in college all day and I was so tired when I came home! A poor excuse…. But still……

Okay, moving on, as to day was yet ANOTHER sunny day we headed out early on to do some shopping! But sadly I didn’t buy much…. I know, I must be ill, or skint… Lets go with the latter.
What I did buy, I bought with my boots points, so it was free! I love me some freebies!
The first thing I got was a body butter from Soap and Glory.


It is indeed small but I love it as I get to try a small amount to see if I like it! The consistency is lovely and it smells wonderful, I can’t quite describe the smell, bit trust me its good!

The second thing I got was FREE in this months Glamour magazine which was only £1. It is a black eye liner pencil made by Model Co.

As it was free I wasn’t expecting miracles, but to be honest I really like this! I haven’t used it on my lid but used it on the water line, and it worked a treat. It glided on straight away and it lasted most of the day…. I would recommend this!

And now, onto shuffle song of the day! It’s by Joshua Radin, and it’s called I’d rather be with you!
This song is soooo lovely! Take a listen NOW!

And I’m done…
See you in a bit folks.
Em x

Fab Fossil!

Yellow, my friends, it’s a pleasure to see you all again. So today, I had yet another day off college, and I’m loving every minute! Instead of being stuck in a stuffy classroom all day, I get to go outside! Woop!

Today’s best bit was getting a new handbag, because I really needed a new one….
This one is from Fossil… And it’s a work of art… to crazy old me!


Isn’t she lovely, as Stevie Wonder once said. The strap is a perfect length, the bag is a lovely size also. I have found that I carry far too much in all of my other handbags, and it’s really not good for my back or shoulders, so I thought it was about time to get a smaller one. Even the lining in the bag is pretty!

My friend bought this back for me from America, as it is so much cheaper over there. But I have found a very similar bag you can buy in the Uk, here!

The shoe of the day, also comes from America. I have always had a love for flip flops, since I was a little girl, my friend in America loved them, and I have adored them ever since! They are from Tommy Hilfiger, and quite stunning!

They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, with all this beautiful sunshine! I shall wear them all the time!

And finally, it’s time for the shuffle song of the day. It’s by KISS and its called Detroit Rock City!
It’s a great song, and I have found it is great for walking or running, as it makes you go faster and feel awesome! Listen to it here!

Well, there’s nothing left to say,
Apart form goodbye…..

Em x

Wicked Wednesday

Howdy bloggers, pleasure to meet again, this is becoming quite a routine now isn’t it? I’m loving doing these blogs and I hope you are enjoying them too! Anyways, on to the day!
I had no college today, so I could have a lovely chill day… Bliss!
So today’s new purchase is a top coat nail varnish from Rimmel.

I have found that no matter how many layers of nail varnish I put on and no matter how expensive the nail varnish, it will ALWAYS chip!! So I decided to try a proper top coat and not just a clear nail varnish. I bought this 2 days ago and used it as soon as I got home. My nail varnish is still in tact, and I am over the moon! Really am surprised how well it worked! I only put one coat on and it dried almost instantly, very happy bunny!

Now onto shoe of the day! I flippin love these ones today. I feel like I’m transported back in time!

I bought these on sale last year in Matalan for about £4! Yet another pair of bargain shoes… SCORE!

We’ve been so lucky with the weather recently so we have been able to go out on long walks with the dog, Tonka. It has been wonderful!



Even though I am a fan of winter, you can’t help but relish in the warm, it just makes you feel happy!

So to go with the lush summery weather the shuffle song of the day goes beautifully. It’s by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith, called Summer Time! Aaahh what a beaut of a song!
Take a listen.

All good things must come to an end, and I hope this blog has been good so now it has to end. Sad times…
It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.
Em x

Good day, sunshine!

Bonjour, friends of the blogging world, delightful to see you all again. It’s been a lovely quiet day, so it’s gonna be a shorter blog post than normal.
Well it’s been another glorious day in the land of the Welsh, and not a drop of rain in sight… What is going on?
As it was hot, I decided it was a special enough occasion to bring out my Cath Kidston pumps.

I rarely wear these, not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t want to wear them out because I am soooo in love with them. I was given them by my parents for my birthday last year, and I have cherished them ever since. You can’t get these exact ones in CK anymore, but they tend to bring out different sorts of pumps every year, so look out because they are excellent.

Yesterday I mentioned how dry my skin was on my face, and unfortunately my hands are just as dry. But I have found a product that is truly wonderful. It’s another one from soap and glory.
It’s called Hand Food!

Unlike other hand creams I have used it absorbs instantly and it doesn’t feel greasy after, which is a big thumbs up for me! You can get the cream here…
Soap and Glory also do a foot cream which I am going to buy next, I will let you know what I think of it then.

And onto Shuffle Song of the Day. It’s by Queen, on their album ‘sheer heart attack’ called
Killer Queen! ‘Its guaranteed to blow your mind’! Take a look here!

Well that’s another blog post come and gone, where does the time go?
See you tomorrow.
Em x

Here Comes The Sun.

Hello, hello, hello! *she sings in three different octaves* how lovely to see you all again. Today, was yet another glorious day, full of sunshine and lollipops. Actually, lots of sun, but sadly no lollipops, as I do love them! So the day started of on a good un with a cooked brekkie made by me…


After breakfast I reluctantly changed out of my comfy pyjamas and into actual clothing… I know…
And at the moment my skin is really dry, so I have been loving my new moisturiser.
It’s from Simple, it’s there hydrating light moisturiser.

I’m not a fan of thick, yucky cream, that takes forever to sink in…. But this one feels fresh and light on my face and sinks in straight away, love it, and would highly recommend.

Shoe of the day time!! To go with my clothing, I thought it was sensible to put on shoes too! Yes, I’m one crazy cat…

These are my tacky yet lovely shoes, that I can’t seem to get enough of. I got them from Asda a few months ago, I got them for £5… Love me a bargain!

Then…. I went outside…. Gosh, it’s been a busy day! We had to walk the dog, AGAIN! This dog owning malarkey is exhausting. It means I have to go outside everyday, and leave my pyjamas all alone! I swear I’m not a recluse….



I then took a perfect picture of my sister and the dog, Tonka.

And then a hilarious chain of events took place:




I love the last picture… Tonka’s like: “what did you say to me?!” Ha ha makes me laugh every time!

And finally, my blogging friends, it is time for ‘Shuffle song of the day”!
‘Elephants” by Them Crooked Vultures. Such a good song, love me a super group!
Take a look at the song here!

And that is all, my friends, I have nothing left to say, apart from… Goodbye!
Em x

Bring Me Sunshine

Yellow my blogging friends, how wonderful to speak to you again! Well today was a beaut of a day, both the weather and the actually day. We had a joint birthday party today for my mother and sister and cousin. We decided to have it in the afternoon to enjoy the sun and have a BBQ! The weather was beautiful, in fact it was a little too hot for me…. I’m never happy…



I love having such a big family, because after the food, we all decided to play some volleyball! Flipping love it!

Soooo, after the delightful party, we headed home and the post had arrived.
And in it was a purchase I had been patiently (yea right!) waiting for about a week….
I finally bought me some Bioderma! Which is essentially, a makeup remover and cleanser all in one.

I thought you could only get it from France but I then found a website that sold it for a really decent price! I got it from Escentual.com… So good! I have only used it once but it is incredible. Before, in my wet wipe phase, I had to scrub to get any eyeliner off. But if you put a few drops on a cotton wool pad and rest it on your eye for 20 seconds it gets rid of it all! I love love love this…

As you already know, the weather was great, so I decided to be brave and put on some summery shoes, I even flaunted my toes…. Wow look at me!

I got these last year from Asda, I’m a bit sad as they are a bit worn, so I hope they bring out some similar news this year!

We also found a beautiful walk today so I thought I would show some pictures I took! I found a rather handsome looking tree, which I thought you would all appreciate!



And finally it’s the Shuffle Song of the Day!
‘The Devil’s Beat’ by Sandi Thom on her album The Pink and the Lilly!
An underrated artist and album… Enjoy! TUNE!

Well that’s all from me folks… Speak soon.
Em x