Here Comes The Sun.

Hello, hello, hello! *she sings in three different octaves* how lovely to see you all again. Today, was yet another glorious day, full of sunshine and lollipops. Actually, lots of sun, but sadly no lollipops, as I do love them! So the day started of on a good un with a cooked brekkie made by me…


After breakfast I reluctantly changed out of my comfy pyjamas and into actual clothing… I know…
And at the moment my skin is really dry, so I have been loving my new moisturiser.
It’s from Simple, it’s there hydrating light moisturiser.

I’m not a fan of thick, yucky cream, that takes forever to sink in…. But this one feels fresh and light on my face and sinks in straight away, love it, and would highly recommend.

Shoe of the day time!! To go with my clothing, I thought it was sensible to put on shoes too! Yes, I’m one crazy cat…

These are my tacky yet lovely shoes, that I can’t seem to get enough of. I got them from Asda a few months ago, I got them for £5… Love me a bargain!

Then…. I went outside…. Gosh, it’s been a busy day! We had to walk the dog, AGAIN! This dog owning malarkey is exhausting. It means I have to go outside everyday, and leave my pyjamas all alone! I swear I’m not a recluse….



I then took a perfect picture of my sister and the dog, Tonka.

And then a hilarious chain of events took place:




I love the last picture… Tonka’s like: “what did you say to me?!” Ha ha makes me laugh every time!

And finally, my blogging friends, it is time for ‘Shuffle song of the day”!
‘Elephants” by Them Crooked Vultures. Such a good song, love me a super group!
Take a look at the song here!

And that is all, my friends, I have nothing left to say, apart from… Goodbye!
Em x