The one with the apology.

So…. This is a bit awkward, haven’t done this in a while… Not sure what to say, apart from sorry for being such a rubbish blogger! But, I have accomplished a lot while I have been away, such as passing my driving test, completing all my exams and surviving my accident prone life, which is quite a feat in my opinion. But in all honesty I’ve missed blogging and I will try my upmost to blog a bit more.

Moving on… What about the weather, hey? Flippin crazy hot, I am a winter lover and I am struggling, but I suppose it feels more like the good old days, where the summer days were hot and the winter days were cold. Wow, I sound old, I swear I’m 18.

I don’t have a lot more to say, but while I’ve been away a LOT of shopping has been done, and in the following days I have a lot to show you all! How Exciting!

And finally the ‘Shuffle Song of the Day!’
It’s by Imagine Dragons and its called ‘radioactive’ listen to it…. NOW!

Well, it was lovely to be back, TTFN.
Em x


Hallelujah for Hauls!

Hello bloggers! Funny seeing you here again? Well it is ANOTHER rainy day here in the kingdom of the united! So I thought what a good excuse to go shopping! Ha, like I need an excuse!
So here’s the damage!

Personally, I think I restrained myself quite a lot! So all in all I bought:
New Look Shaper Jeans
Mac make up brush cleanser
Models Own nail varnish in ‘feeling blue’
Urbanister tweezers
Boots cotton wool pads
Soap and Glory hand food
Soap and Glory ‘flake away’ body polish

I think my favourite of them all is the Mac cleanser! It is truly wonderful! I was a little sceptical as its rather expensive, I think it was £9.50. But don’t hesitate to buy this, it’s awesome! I put a few drops onto tissue and wiped 6 of my brushes clean, and it took less than two minutes! I haven’t had a chance to try anything else but I’m excited to try the soap and glory goods, ooh and my new nail varnish! Such Fun!

And the photo you’ve all been waiting for! The shoe of the day!! I know, you’ve been waiting all day…

These are my most favouritest (nice use of words em) pair of converse. They are so comfy, and seem to go with my entire wardrobe. I normally wear quite dark clothes, so these little lovelies add some much needed colour to any outfit. Would highly recommend! My friend brought these back from America, so I can’t tell you the price but you can get the same pair here!

And finally, the shuffle song of the day! (I know I’m getting obsessed with ‘of the days’ but it makes me happy!) I’ve been loving ‘Girls and Boys’ by Blur! Such a good song! Listen to it here…

Well, that’s a goodnight from me! It’s been a wicked day! (I’m such a 90s kid). I shall blog and see you again tomorrow!
Em x