Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Why hello there! Look who it is! Well, not much has occurred since yesterday’s post… But I’m still here writing. Lucky you! The weather today is pretty rubbish, so there’s not so much to do in the rain. To brighten up a gloomy day I decided put on some eyeliner. As you may have previously read, I adore all things vintage, so I love me some cat eyes. The one I used today is from elf, and its the cream liner in the colour black. This is a great eyeliner for beginners, as its not as tricky as a liquid, that goes everywhere, and if you make a mistake it’s not the end of the world, you just get a wet cloth and dap it off. The pictures below are me wearing it after 10hrs. I also wore it out on a walk, in the pouring rain, and WITHOUT a rain mac! This liner is truly excellent.

Now, to put on the stuff I use a Real Techniques ‘fine liner brush’… This was the first RT brush I bought, and sweet dog, it’s good, real good. The bristles are small and fine and the synthetic bristles pick up the perfect amount of product. And best of all they look so pwitty!
Here is the finished look!


You can get the eyeliner here
And I got my RT brush from here


I didn’t wear any shoes today, I think I wore my wellies for the walk so instead I decided to take a photo of the warmest and softest socks in the world!

I’m pretty sure they were only a few pound… I bought them a while ago so I can’t link them… Sorry for being such a tease! Ha ha

Well that’s it from me, I thought I would leave you a rather fetching picture of the beautiful British weather. Also I wanted to do a “Shuffle Song Of The Day”. So today’s is ‘Honey Pie’ by the Beatles! What a beaut of a song! Watch it here

Thanks for reading, till the morrow!
Em x